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Workshops will be run remotely via Zoom.

8-hour workshops can be purchased separately. 3-hour workshops are available for full-access ticket holders only.

Workshops are targeted both at JS newbies and hardcore fans. Take full advantage of your remote conference experience and get training from our best speakers and trainers.

Matteo Collina & James M Snell

Broken Promises (June 11-12)

In our experience, if you are using promises, you are likely using them wrong (and nearly everybody else is too). This is most often due to misunderstandings about how Promises work, choices that were made by TC39 when designing the promises API, inconsistencies in how Promises are used, or failure to account for the cost of using Promises in an application, and ultimately how the event loop works. In this workshop, we aim to help developers do the right thing with Promises. Through a series of hands on exercises and puzzles, developers will learn the ins and outs of developing with Promises in Node.js, learning everything they should do, and most importantly what they shouldn't do, in order to maximize the effectiveness of their code and avoid common performance pitfalls.

Table of contents
  • - How Promises and async/await "work"
  • - How the Node.js event loop interact with Promises
  • - How to use Promises correctly
  • - The most common pitfalls when using Promises and async/await
  • - How to use Promises efficiently
Workshop schedule & location

June 11-12, 4:00pm till 8:00pm CEST.

Alex Lobera

From Zero to Real-world GraphQL APIs (June 15)

GraphQL is an excellent technology to model the data of a system and expose it in a very flexible way. It enables product engineers to build faster at scale by composing data requirements on the client and efficiently querying APIs. However, this new paradigm also brings new concerns and potential issues on the server-side. In this workshop, you will learn how to effectively create GraphQL APIs leveraging GraphQL advantages and avoiding common pitfalls.

Table of contents
  • - Understand the main functionalities and responsibilities of a GraphQL server
  • - Learn how to connect your GraphQL API to different data sources such as a REST API or a database
  • - Design standard GraphQL schemas compliant with different GraphQL specifications
  • - Start identifying potential problems when running real-world GraphQL APIs
Workshop level

JavaScript developers with a basic understanding of REST APIs. No experience with GraphQL is required to attend this workshop.

Workshop schedule & location

June 15, 3:00pm till 10:00pm CEST.

Max Stoiber

Modern React (June 16-17)

After some years of silence, React team had recently landed a number of new additions to its library enabling application developers to optimize their code both for better performance and maintainability.

Max will guide you through emerging patterns and show you by example how you can start applying the new best practices in your production apps.

Table of contents
  • - Quick intro to React Hooks
  • - Using Suspense in production right now with React.lazy
  • - Getting started with Concurrent React (previously “Async React”)

To attend this workshop you need to be familiar with the basics of React, as well as most of the new features in ES2015.

Workshop level

Intermediate/advanced JavaScript/React developers.

Workshop schedule & location

June 16-17, 4:00pm till 8:00pm CEST.

Tejas Kumar

TypeScript (June 22-23)

TypeScript is taking the web platform by storm, mainly because it is so syntactically similar to JavaScript, but comes with powerful scalability features that create more robust products. In this workshop, we will examine an existing JavaScript codebase, port it over to TypeScript, and refactor parts of it to see the value TypeScript can provide.

Table of contents
  • - Intro to TypeScript and types
  • - The basics: Primitives, interfaces, classes, generics
  • - Practical take on JS project migration
  • - "any", "never", and "unknown". Your buddies for life!
  • - Real-life benefits - easy refactorings, autocomplete
  • - and more...

Familiarity with React, JavaScript and modern syntax features (ES2015).

Workshop schedule & location

June 22-23, 4:00pm till 8:00pm CEST.

Free 3h Workshops
Michael Burridge

Build a React-based Theme for WordPress with Frontity (June 15, for full-access tickets holders only)

In this practical hands-on workshop you will learn how to create a React-based theme for a WordPress site from scratch using Frontity.

Why would you create a WordPress theme with React and what are the advantages of doing so? If you don't usually work with WordPress, or you're curious to see how you can use it within a React environment then join us for this workshop. Frontity and its unique approach will bring you a world of new possibilities to work with the most popular CMS.

Frontity is an open-source framework built on React that makes it super-easy to connect to a WordPress site, consume it's data, and build attractive and performant front-end themes. You will learn everything that you need to know in order to find your way around and work confidently with Frontity. The goal is that you will leave this workshop with a new, fully-functional and fast React theme for a WordPress site that you can go on to build upon.


To participate in this workshop you should have node.js installed locally and a WordPress site to work with (this can be hosted locally, on a hosting service, or a wordpress.com site).

Workshop schedule & location

June 15, 6:00pm till 7:30pm CEST.

Mikhail Kuznetcov

Build Full Featured Frontend App with Svelte (June 16, for full-access tickets holders only)

Svelte is a new prominent JS framework exposing “write less do more” philosophy. During this workshop you will get proficiency as a Svelte developer. We will be building a real-time chat UI - participants will be able to follow along and exchange messages. Will start developing from simple front end components, later we'll connect it to a real backend and then test it and optimise for production. Attending a workshop is the fastest way to acquire a body of knowledge about building web apps with Svelte.

Table of contents
  • - Introduction
  • - Why Svelte?
  • - Setup the app
  • - Create first Components
  • - Make App Modular with Routing
  • - Connect to Real Data
  • - Introduce State Management
  • - Add Tests

Installed software – NPM, git, VSCode (or other IDE of choice).

Workshop level

Junior/medior level of frontend knowledge.

Workshop schedule & location

June 16, 3:00pm till 6:00pm CEST. The workshop will be recorded.

Brecht De Rooms

Databases Made Easy with GraphQL and FaunaDB (June 16, for full-access tickets holders only)

There are several things to consider when setting up a GraphQL endpoint:

  • choosing a suitable database,
  • handling the n+1 problem,
  • using a cache,
  • security rules.

GraphQL has moved the many requests problem from the HTTP layer to the database layer. Instead of many REST calls, we only need to execute one GraphQL request. However, one GraphQL request often results in many database calls, which basically moves the performance problem to the database layer.

FaunaDB is a distributed database that comes out-of-the-box with GraphQL and a flexible security layer. Import your schema, let FaunaDB generate the collections and indexes to support your schema, and you can benefit from a scalable, distributed GraphQL endpoint in 30 seconds. Due to the composable nature and graph-like querying features of the Fauna Query Language (FQL), FaunaDB can offer a GraphQL endpoint that compiles GraphQL queries to FQL one-on-one. No more n+1 problem, no cache needed, and since each GraphQL query translates to one query, you can also take advantage of FaunaDB's strong consistency and flexible security model.

Workshop schedule & location

June 16, 6:00pm till 9:00pm CEST. The workshop will be recorded.

Dylan Jhaveri & Phil Cluff

Build Your Own Live Streaming Platform (June 17, for full-access tickets holders only)

In this workshop by Phil and Dylan you will learn how to build your own live streaming platform (think of products like: Twitch, Youtube Live, Facebook Live). No video experience is required, we'll use React for the frontend (intermediate or higher React experience is recommended) and Mux.com for the live streaming APIs. You will also learn the basics of video streaming technologies like HLS and RTMP.


Download OBS.

Workshop level

Intermediate or higher React experience is recommended.

Workshop schedule & location

June 17, 6:00pm till 9:00pm CEST. The workshop will be recorded.

Nader Dabit

Full Stack Cloud Development for Front End Developers (June 17, for full-access tickets holders only)

In this workshop you’ll build Postagram, a photo sharing application built with React and AWS Amplify. By the end of the workshop, you’ll understand how to build real-world and scalable full stack cloud applications with features like routing and deep linking, authentication, image storage, GraphQL APIs, and hosting.


Installed Node.js version 10.x or later, valid and confirmed AWS account.

Workshop schedule & location

June 17, 6:00pm till 8:00pm CEST. The workshop will be recorded.

Alex Lobera

Modern JavaScript Architectures for Business Optimisation (June 18, for full-access tickets holders only)

Many of the products and tools that support a business heavily rely on JavaScript. We live in uncertain times. Product teams are meant to build and/or customize products, company websites, CMSes, marketing tools, APIs, etc in a global environment that demands more speed and agility, with sometimes fewer resources. In this webinar, we'll be discussing different software, architectures, and processes to optimize the JavaScript of the organizations we work for.


  • Monorepos
  • Type safety
  • GraphQL
  • JAMstack
  • and more
Workshop level

Any developer, from junior JavaScript Developers to JavaScript Architects. The more heterogeneous the group the more we'll all learn :)

Workshop schedule & location

June 18, 11:00am till 1:00pm CEST.

Speakers & Instructors

Matteo Collina
Matteo Collina
NearForm, Italy

Node.js TSC member, PhD, Technical Director @ NearForm, IoT Expert, Consultant, author of Pino and Fastify. Co-author of the book "Node.js Cookbook, Third Edition" edited by Packt.

James M Snell
James M Snell
NearForm, USA

James is Head of Research at NearForm and a contributor to Node.js core. His contributions include features such as HTTP/2, the WHATWG URL implementation, and, most recently, an implementation of the QUIC protocol.

Alex Lobera
Alex Lobera
React GraphQL Academy, UK

Founder at React GraphQL Academy and LeanJS. Developer and Coach passionate about JavaScript, React and GraphQL. Organizer of the JavaScript London Meetup and other popular meetups in the EU.

Michael Burridge
Michael Burridge
Developer Relations @Frontity, UK

Michael has recently joined the Developer Relations team at Frontity. Prior to that he worked for many years as a freelance web developer gaining experience in WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, and JavaScript. He is also a very active participant in the WordPress community and organised the first WordCamp (WordPress conference) in Bristol, UK and was on the organising teams for WordCamp Europe 2018, 2019, and 2020. He also organised the first do_action Day (WordPress based hackathon) to happen in Europe.

Max Stoiber
Max Stoiber
Gatsby, Austria

Max Stoiber is a Staff Software Engineer at Gatsby, inventing the future of web development. Previously he worked at GitHub, who acquired the startup he co-founded, Spectrum. He is well known for making styled-components, react-boilerplate, and a wide variety of other open source projects in the React ecosystem.

Mikhail Kuznetcov
Mikhail Kuznetcov
ING, Netherlands

Mikhail is a developer with 10 years of expertise building web applications. He used a variety of frameworks, throughout his career starting with jQuery , AngularJS and Polymer; then he discovered VueJS and used it for several projects. Since 2019 he became a happy user of Svelte v3. Besides fullstack development for enterprise companies Mikhail is doing open source projects and speaks on meetups and conferences about various topics in modern web development. Mikhail runs a local ​Svelte meetup group in Amsterdam​.

Tejas Kumar
Tejas Kumar
Contiamo, Germany

Tejas enjoys people, code, and talking about code to people. Having begun coding at age 8, today Tejas travels around the world, encouraging, educating and empowering developers in the web development community.

Brecht De Rooms
Brecht De Rooms
Developer Advocate @Fauna, Belgium

Brecht De Rooms is a senior developer advocate at Fauna. He is a programmer who has worked extensively in IT as a full-stack developer and researcher in both the startup and IT consultancy worlds. It is his mission to shed light on emerging and powerful technologies that make it easier for developers to build apps and services that will captivate users.

Phil Cluff
Phil Cluff
Streaming Architect @Mux, USA

Phil is a seasoned online video specialist, with experience building video products which power some of the biggest SVOD, AVOD and public service supported streaming platforms in the world. With 10 years experience, Phil has designed, built, and scaled software for the BBC, Brightcove, and most recently the San Francisco startup, Mux.

Dylan Jhaveri
Dylan Jhaveri
Software Engineer @Mux, USA

Dylan is a Software Engineer at Mux, a startup building online video infrastructure for developers. Dylan works on the DevEx team to help developers deliver smooth video to their users. Previously he co-founded Crowdcast, a live video streaming platform.

Nader Dabit
Nader Dabit
Amazon AWS, USA

Nader has been developing with React Native for over 2.5 years. He has worked with and trained developers from fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Visa, American Express, and Microsoft, helping them to get up to speed with React Native as quickly as possible.

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