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Michel Weststrate

Advanced, Fancy TypeScript

More and more projects are using TypeScript. This workshop will provide a deep dive into the language, and basic TypeScript knowledge is assumed. We will briefly discuss the design philosophy of TypeScript, and then cover all the lesser-known or harder features. That is: do all the cool and weird meta programming stuff (TS is turing complete!) and learn the tricks you won't find in the handbook.

So join if you feel like you're writing too much type annotations to make TypeScript happy! We'll dive deep into how type inference and control flows works, and how you can make the compiler work for you. We'll discuss all the fancier language constructs like:

    • ReturnType<>, Parameters<>
    • typeof, keyof
    • Mapped types
    • ConditionalTypes
    • Function overloading
    • Discrimination unions
    • Type guards and type assertions
    • (Variadic) tuple types
Workshop schedule & location

June 14-15, 16:00-20:00 CEST

Michel Weststrate
Facebook, UK

Open source fanatic, speaker and trainer. Author of MobX, MobX-State-Tree, Immer and a plethora of smaller packages. On a continuous quest to make programming as natural as possible. React, JavaScript and TypeScript fan. Working at Facebook on dev tooling for mobile developers.

Suzanne Daniels
Microsoft, Netherlands

Suzanne is a Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft.

Nick Trogh
Microsoft, Belgium

Nick is a Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft.

Juarez Barbosa Junior
Microsoft, Ireland

Juarez Barbosa Junior has +20 years of experience in several IT-related roles throughout his career, currently working for Microsoft as the Azure Developer Engagement Lead in Ireland. Previously, he's worked for Oracle as a Principal Blockchain Developer Advocate and as Thought Leader and Technical Evangelist in IBM Mobile and IBM Watson. He's passionate about engaging developers and communities to present and discuss the latest technologies related to Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Native, AI, and other Emerging Technologies, with a particular focus and interest in Microsoft Azure.

Ed Ropple
Mux, USA

Ed's a senior developer and video producer on the Community team at Mux; when he isn't churning out screencasts about how you can better use Mux Video and Mux Data and interviewing Mux success stories, he even sometimes gets to write a little code. Usually the one asking when we're rewriting it in TypeScript.

Dylan Jhaveri
Software Engineer @Mux, USA

Dylan is a Senior Software Engineer at Mux, a startup building online video infrastructure for developers. Dylan works on the DevEx team to help developers deliver smooth video to their users. Previously he co-founded Crowdcast, a live video streaming platform.

Matt Landers
WP Engine, USA

Matt Landers leads the DevRel team at WP Engine, after joining the company in 2019 as a Technical Architect who was (and still is) super passionate about headless. That passion ultimately played a major role in the release of Atlas, which pairs WP Engine’s industry-leading WordPress platform with Node.js hosting to enable headless solutions using modern frameworks and technologies like React, Vue, and more. Before joining WP Engine, he served as Technology Evangelist at Microsoft, where he educated developers on the advantages of adopting .NET and worked with Fortune 100 companies to build some of the largest enterprise systems as an Architect. Additionally, Matt founded Covalence, a coding bootcamp, channeling his passion for teaching developers

Will Johnston
WP Engine, USA

Will Johnston is a Developer Advocate on the DevRel team at WP Engine. He started coding when he was 10 years old, and began coding professionally at 15. He got his start working on an open source competency tracking tool for schools with Python and Zope. Will founded Covalence alongside Matt Landers, and served as CTO. At WP Engine, Will is excited to help make the headless CMS world a better place by helping others embrace headless and make the most out of new tools and technologies.

Tom Papiernik
Buddy, Poland

As a developer advocate and technical writer at Buddy, Tom takes his love for communication and passion for technology and uses them to break down complex ideas into bites that everyone can swallow. Having worked directly on open-source projects, he is equally passionate about the front and the back-end - be it React, Go, or Kubernetes. In his spare time, he's a guitar-wielding amateur musician who dreams of recording a platinum album.

Paul Kapała
Buddy, Poland

Senior Full Stack Developer at Buddy with 9 years of experience in IT. Automation aficionado, lover of clean code and function programming, and a lifelong fan of soccer and Liverpool FC.

Alex Korzhikov
Instructor, Mentor, Netherlands

Software engineer, team lead, ​instructor​, mentor, and ​author of technical materials​ in JavaScript, Node, ​JSON-Schema​, Web Components, TypeScript.

Joren Broekema

My background is in Industrial Design where I slowly fell in love with web development and code. I have been a front-end developer for almost 3 years professionally. I also like to dabble in backend and DevOps in my spare time or when work allows for it. I have started doing more workshops and trainings since the last year, and I created a project called code-workshop-kit where I try to use a combination of tools, some of which I created myself, to make code workshops work well remotely.

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